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Lea M. Hill

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Here is today’s question…do you know what a sylph is? Sylphs are elemental beings of the air (some say they look like fairies) who live and play in the clouds. Their purpose is to deliver messages to humans and other beings.  Want to see a Sylph? Just look up in the sky for thin, wispy sylph-clouds that look like angels or unusual cloud formations.  Sylphs are invisible, but what we see in the sky are the sylph-clouds that they have created for us to admire. Did you know there is a Sylph Society? The society’s website is a site for kids who read or write fantasy stories or create fantasy art. Today we are going to be talking about two books. The first book is called “The Society of Sylphs” and the second book is called “Autism Tomorrow”. “Autism Tomorrow” is a book written for kids that have autistic siblings.  Our guest today is author, master level Reiki practitioner, a Certified Angel Healing Practitioner, and an intuitive medium. Please welcome to
Your Life Matters Lea Hill.

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